Operational Policy

We have been closely monitoring the Government’s advice on COVID-19 and are continuously reviewing matters as the situation develops.

The following sets out our current and planned policies for specific aspects of our work;

Office Based Operations

Our staff will continue to operate from home for the foreseeable future however we are phasing in some office-based activities where appropriate and necessary to facilitate certain aspects.

Office based activity will closely follow the government recommendations for social distancing, cleansing protocols, non-sharing of equipment and restricted numbers in any one location. Our specific policy will be to stagger visits to the office to allow only a very limited number to be in any one location at any period. Shared facilities have been adjusted to prevent more than one person entering at a time and additional cleaning regimes have been introduced.

Site Progress Meetings

For the immediate future, due to the numbers involved and the restrictions on sites, these will be held remotely via Video Link including where appropriate for a video walk around for general progress purposes. Drawings and documents can be shared on screen and discussed as part of this process. Minutes will be produced as normal and any issues or action points pursued subsequently in the usual manner.

Site Inspections

Site inspections will be carried out to monitor progress generally and quality in particular (which obviously requires closer scrutiny). We will also be monitoring each contractor’s adherence to the revised site safety rules including social distancing etc.

All site inspections will be carried out in strict accordance with both the latest Government Guidelines, the CLC Site Operating Procedures and the specific site measures and controls in place. Visits will be organised and agreed in advance at a time most convenient to manage control of safety procedures on site.

We will be ensuring that Contractors update their Health & Safety procedures, provide additional Risk Assessments and Method Statements and amend their Health & Safety Plans to address the necessary changes to their operations. These will be continuously monitored and revisited as the situation progresses.

Whilst on site our staff will wear specialist PPE including a face mask and disposable gloves in addition to the normal site requirements and will travel independently to site without using any form of public transport.


Where sites permit access for this purpose, we will carry out these inspections as required. These inspections will take place individually however rather than being accompanied by the contractor’s representatives. Snagging lists will be produced which can be discussed or viewed subsequently via video link.


Where these are planned to take place, these will be carried out by implementing final inspections and handover procedures in person but on a staggered basis allowing the client, contractor and consultants to remain separate at all times. All documentation will be reviewed and agreed ahead of the proposed handover to allow the process to be as straightforward as possible.

Defects & End of Defects

Defects within the 12-month period will continue to be monitored as normal however currently for safety reasons and the premises being in occupation contractors are only addressing emergency or urgent repairs such as leaks or loss of services. This situation will be continually monitored until such time that the distancing measures etc are relaxed sufficiently for safe access to be made. Until such time all defects will continue to be recorded and close liaison will be kept with contractors regarding the situation.

End of Defects inspections will be postponed also until it is safe for the these to be carried out within occupied properties. Dependant on the changing status of the current situation, alternative measures such as remote reporting with photographs and partial release of retentions will be considered in close liaison with all parties.

Health Monitoring

Should any members of our staff display symptoms typical of Covid-19 or encounter others displaying symptoms or becoming subsequently infected by the virus, a period of self-isolation will be imposed. Details will be shared with all parties and measures will be put in place as necessary to cover their responsibilities.

Continuous Review

As stated previously it is important to reiterate that the overall situation will be continuously monitored, and the working practices, safety procedures etc. reviewed.

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What our Clients think…

We regularly seek client feedback as part of our Quality Management procedures and here are some recent comments.

" The PSW team are all committed, knowledgeable, and reliable. They give us a great deal of comfort."
" Pleased with the final units and smooth handover, so thanks again and look forward to working with PSW on the next schemes."